The Problem We Solved

We Are Much More!

Hard to find

trustworthy reviews

on businesses. social activities. and places to have fun

No Community based

on businesses. social activities. and places to have fun

Inaccessible deals

from previously visited favourite places or businesses.


Perfec™ puts everything at your fingertips – the food you love, the activities you like, and the services you need – it’s all just a few clicks away. It’s easy, because PMF doesn’t just list off all the businesses in town.

It knows all the things each business does best. So, if you’re craving cake, you’ll know if it’s better at that all-night diner than the bakery.




It’s easy to plan your fun with Perfec™. Since PMF only knows the things you and your friends like best, it’s easy to see which friends like the same things. So you’ll never have an odd man out at your football game or movie night. And you can make these arrangements in just a few clicks.



All the places you love can love you back, giving you rewards and discounts on the very things you go to them for. You can also get early access to sales and specials before anyone else. It’s their way to thank you for your support, and it’s all unlocked through PMF.

For Cosumers

Easier way to find trustworthy review using peer based review model

Direct access to deals of all favourite products and services


For Business

Geo-location advertising based on customer preference and location

Reaching actual user in real time with promotions, loyalty points

Peer-based reviews model to improve good reviews and reduce viral fake reviews.

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Perfec™ is launching in Los Angeles And KOlkata

There are incentives for businesses that partner with us for the launch, so let us know, if you’re interested. Fill out the form below for more information.

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